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NO on Government Expansion; NO on Issue 2

posted Oct 20, 2009, 9:28 AM by Advocates for Liberty Liberty   [ updated Oct 20, 2009, 10:09 AM ]

We, at Advocates for Liberty, are 100% against Issue 2, based on principle. 

Last night, our founder traveled to the OSU campus in Columbus to attend a town hall on Issue 2, sponsored by The Ohio Liberty Council, Ohio Freedom Alliance, The Central Ohio 912 Project, and OSU Young Americans for Liberty. The trip was well worth it. It seemed to be 3 YES and 2 NO panelists. However, the last person on the panel, saying that he was not representing either side, made BY FAR the best arguments against the issue. His name is Maurice Thompson, a constitutional law attorney at The Buckeye Institute (614-224-4422,

For Advocates for Liberty, it's a simple series of litmus test questions:

1. Do these sort of things belong in a constitution?
2. Does the proposed amendment increase economic and/or personal liberty?
3. Does it support free market principles?

For those reasons, Advocates for Liberty is AGAINST Issue 2 (and Issue 3 for that matter, even though we don't really care whether people gamble or not--it's a personal choice).

The Ohio Liberty Council had two video cameras covering the event. According to their site, the video will be posted in the next few days. Until then, the audio of the Issue 2 debate is available.  

Campaign for Liberty has an interesting blog post that is somewhat related (talking about the case when the Ohio government raided a family farm). The Buckeye Institute has more information about the case

Regarding the connection between the mentioned case and Issue 2, here is a little quick research: Connecting the dots, that looks like Boggs to us. A family farm raider as the Ohio Farm Czar? No thanks.

Hope this helps. I'll pass anything else I can find as I have time to research it.