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Free in Ohio? Not so much...

posted Oct 6, 2009, 8:14 AM by Beavercreek Liberty Group Dayton Tea Party   [ updated Oct 8, 2009, 10:57 AM ]
Mercatus Center at George Mason University has published a freedom index:

by William P. Ruger & Jason Sorens

According to their research, using data publicly available at, Ohio doesn't even rank above half of the states for any freedom ranking.

    Fiscal Policy 40th
    Regulatory Policy 29th
    Economic Freedom 32th
    Personal Freedom 46th
    Overall 38th

Their conclusion of how free we are here in Ohio:

"Adjusted government spending is over a standard deviation higher than average.  Ohio is higher than average in every spending category except transportation. Gun control laws are relatively poor, though not in a class with Illinois, New Jersey, and others.  Marijuana laws are liberal overall, but cultivation and sale sentencing could be reformed.  Most gambling is illegal.  Private and home school regulations are unreasonable, including teacher licensure and mandatory state approval of home school curricula.  Asset forfeiture rules are appropriate.  Eminent domain reform has not gone nearly far enough. Draconian smoking bans are in place."

Here are some other indexes of freedom: